Sentiments® Collection

The Sentiments® Collection is a beautiful collection of hand-crafted rings,  pendants and bracelets.

These rings, barrels and bracelets are available in 18 karat yellow gold, white gold or platinum and in a variety of styles to fit everyone’s taste and budget. They are handcrafted to order by our expert jewelers and are encircled by the text or name(s) of your choice.  Each Sentiments® Collection Ring, Barrel and Bracelet we make is truly one of a kind.

All Sentiments® Rings, Sentiments® Barrels and Sentiments® Bracelets are “Eternity Style” which means the design completely encircles the ring or pendant.

A Sentiments® Ring, Barrel or Bracelet is a beautiful way to express your love for a family member, friend or anyone you wish to express a personal thought to.  The Sentiment® Barrel is simply slipped onto a necklace chain or bracelet and can be worn as a personalized masterpiece that can be passed on for generations.

Due to their “Eternity Style”, accurate sizing of Sentiments® Rings is critical for a comfortable fit.  The Sentiment® Barrel comes in small, medium and large sizes to accommodate any expression.  With diamonds or without, the Sentiment® Ring, Barrel or Bracelet is perfect for the person that has everything, and nothing can be more personalized.

To view our Sentiments® Collection, please send us an email to request access.